Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting somewhere

Have I ever mentioned how much I love my endocrinologist? Seriously - if you're in the New Orleans area and need an endo, I highly recommend Dr. Friday!

I sent her an email this morning letting her know that I wanted to get her thoughts on the results of the ultrasound I had, since I hadn't heard from her and seemed to be getting blown off a bit by MDA. She called me back this afternoon and we chatted a bit.

It was a really good thing I had emailed her, too - she never got the results! Her office kept saying they hadn't gotten them, which means there's a very good chance they're lost somewhere in the shuffle, either the imaging center assumed that she could access them there and never sent them up, or the office staff has misplaced them. Either way, she hadn't seen them. When I told her that I had a copy of the report and of the disc, she asked me to read her the report. She agreed that the vascular tissue was not there in October, and that it's more than a little concerning. When she found out that I was going to have to wait till June 25th to see Dr. Sherman and get the biopsy, she offered to do it here sooner, because she feels that we shouldn't wait a whole month before seeing what the hell this is.

Her point was the same one that I have read over and over, and the same one Cindy, my old endo's nurse made - vascular tissue, especially where there was previously none, is troubling because it's a living, breathing thing, siphoning nutrients from me to try to grow. She also said that it's most likely cancer, but that she can't be sure if it's actual thyroid cancer or something else.

So she's giving the other doctor a call (evidently they're friends enough that she calls him to chat about cases) and find out what the heck is going on, and why I've been given three dates, each later than the last.

So we're getting somewhere. She validated my concerns, which I needed after being made to feel like a whiny idiot yesterday. Now to wait for her to call me back later this week....


Jeff said...

Hank in there. You know how I feel about all of this.

I just wanted to say in the last paragraph you spelled "whiny" wrong. It should have been spelled wino.

Peta said...

you just gotta love a caring professional and good on you for sending her the email. Screwups happen (unfortunately) and sometimes we need to take charge and check to make sure everyone is on the right page - your page. more hugs xxxx