Thursday, May 10, 2012

Status Quo, at least for now....

There are days right now that are so hard, I cry on and off the entire time the kids are gone. On those days, no matter where I'm going, or what I'm going to be doing, I don't bother putting on makeup; it's an exercise in futility.

Tuesday was one of those days. I was having lunch with my mother in law and her mom, as we do about once a week. Usually, I put on makeup, make myself look nice, and even if it's a rougher day than usual, I paste on my smile and enjoy myself. Yesterday, though, yesterday was so bad that it just wasn't happening.

I had called MD Anderson to see if they had received my records yet, and found out that, because the records company had mailed my records instead of faxing them as requested, it would take weeks for them to go through the proper channels to get to the endocrinology department. I was devastated. After last week's ultrasound discovery, I just couldn't deal with more waiting. Still, I didn't know what else I could do, and I needed to get ready to go.

Lunch was great, enjoy spending time with Suzi and Grandmommy. It's always so nice to go to a restaurant and sit down for lunch, instead of munching popcorn as I rush around trying to get things done. (Not that I ever get anything done anymore). After lunch, I decided to run by the hospital to pick up the reports and discs from my ultrasound and swallow study. That was a double edged sword, let me tell you!

I get there, and everyone I came in contact with recognized me. Now, it's great to be recognized, but I'm not sure that medical staff is who you want recognizing you when you've only lived somewhere for 10 months! Still, it's comforting. Jeff tells me, too, that the reason they remember me is because I'm still a smiling, happy person when most of the people they deal with aren't (understandably so! I'm just a hella good faker!). Kathy tells me that part of it is that I'm young, and part of it is that I'm happy (paraphrasing here, guys!). I certainly hope it's that, not something else!

So anyway (yeah, I've been writing this post for three days now... distracted much?), they send me over to radiology to get all my goodies. No big deal, I know the way. Walk in, and again, instant recognition.

At this point, I should back up for minute and explain something from last Friday - as I was sitting on the front porch with Kathy and Michele (neighbors, who have fast become my girlfriends here), drinking my daiquiri, I see the lady with the weimeraner that I have noticed many times before. Then Kathy says something about "Pam." Instant recognition, "Wait, did you say Pam? Does she work in radiology?" Yep, one and the same. So with these two women sitting on my front porch, I run into the street, calling poor Pam's name! Now, you know as well as I do that she probably sees hundreds of patients every single day, so I'm not really expecting her to remember me. She did, though!

Okay, with that bit of information disseminated to you, I can carry on....

So anyway, I tell the girls at radiology why I'm there, fill out the release, then have a seat. A few seconds later, the door opens, and out walks Pam, still suited up in her lead apron, come just to give me a hug!  It meant the world to me, let me tell you, because I was feeling very alone and scared at the moment! So I text Kathy to tell her how sweet that was of Pam. Next thing I know, Kathy's in the waiting room with me, chatting so I'm not alone! Then, I find out that the machine/computer/whatever broke, and they're not able to burn my discs. So the radiology manager comes out with Pam, telling me all that has happened, and that someone was going to fix it, but that Pam had offered to bring them to me so I didn't have to stay waiting! Now who, I ask you, does that? It was so sweet and thoughtful of her!

Of course, because this is me we're talking about, and I can never do anything simply, the system was completely broken. As in, they called someone who came in yesterday to fix it and couldn't. So, I still don't have my studies yet. I do, however, have the reports, and those have already been faxed on to MDA. And as soon as they get my happy little discs burned, Pam will be bringing them to me.

On the MDA front - I called the records people yesterday (LSU uses a third party medical records company to store and disseminate their records) and asked them why, if the instructions were to fax records, did they mail them? I was told that they had a "no fax" policy. I, very nicely, explained that, because they mailed it, it would be a minimum of three more weeks before I would get an appointment. If they were to fax them, however, I would be in about 3 weeks sooner, as the fax would go directly to the people it needed to. After I explained the situation, they were able to get permission to fax, and I received confirmation this morning that my records had, in fact, been received at MD Anderson.

So now to wait - Dr. Sherman is out of the country until Monday, so that's the soonest he'll review my case. So it looks like the earliest I will get a call now will be around May 23rd. The plan, as it stands, is to try to make sure they don't schedule me so that I miss any of the Memorial Day Weekend festivities, though - we have my brother's high school graduation on the 25th, and Hans' cousin's wedding on the 27th, and they're things I really want to be a part of.

So there it is. An update wrapped in prose and topped with a liberal dose of superfluous parentheses....


Jeff said...

As my sister Kathy says. Love you Infinity.

Kathy said...

I am thrilled that MDA now has your records!! Keep talking, honey!