Monday, February 25, 2013

Things of great importance....

So today is another appointment with another neurologist. The neuro that started treating me for Intracranial Hypertension (AKA Big Brain Syndrome) is on maternity leave, and has passed me on to one of her colleagues until she returns in May. At first, I was a bit irritated that this new doctor, instead of seeing me as an existing patient and just following what the other neuro laid out, insisted on seeing me as a new patient and getting her own feel for my situation. Now, though, since things have not resolved in the manner we originally had hoped, I'm thankful for this opportunity at fresh thoughts. So later today, I'll drive through this crappy weather to the Garden District to be poked, prodded and questioned, and hopefully have some questions answered....

But that's not what's of greatest import here. Not even remotely.

No, today, I'm taking a departure from talking about me (kind of) to talk about something else - domestic abuse. You see, last week, someone posted a graphic that pointed out that the relationship between Bella and Edward in Twilight hits all 15 of the National Domestic Hotline's criteria for abuse. At first, we were all "Duh!" But then, in the course of conversation on Facebook, we talked about how many people may not realize this, and how many people are abused on a daily basis. Someone suggested bingo cards. I went a step further and created the cards - 6 in all - so that I can use them. I figure, hey, I have daughters, they're going to read stuff like this. Instead of attempting to ban books with stories like Twilight's, it would be a much better idea to not only allow them to read/watch them, but to also learn from them.

So many people end up in relationships that they don't even see as being an issue until they're near powerless; I know, I've been there myself. If I can teach my girls,or anyone else, before they make the mistakes I did, then I've succeeded.

So please, I share these bingo cards with anyone and everyone. I ask that you share them. I ask that you use them. I don't want credit, I don't want anything but to help someone else.

Ghandi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." This is my small contribution to that.

Thank you!

Domestic Abuse Bingo Cards


Anonymous said...

50 Shades of Grey is another one. Commonly accepted by women but it by definition Domestic Abuse.

Kerry Clem said...

Absolutely. There are many, many stories, books, movies and shows that are perfect for use with this. Twilight was just the one that we were discussing when this all came about, because it's the one tween/teen girls are looking to emulate.